SAVE PALESTINE: The Game Edition

Initially for @posters4palestine and now upgraded for an animation release. This expresses the simple methods of awareness one must take to be part of the Palestinian movement. This 'game' will go through many developments till the goal of the project is met. To SAVE PALESTINE. From Sheikh Jarrah, Silwan, Al Quds, the river to illegal settlements, Yaffa, Gaza, Golan Heights (Syria too), and the sea.

Workshop by @what.themobius + @fikradesigns
'Save Palestine' Font by @heyporterposter
بطيخ Pack 1/3 (Left)
The Watermelon is a significant icon in Palestinian Intifadas. It was banned to wave the Palestinian flag in the occupied state. The watermelon had the 4 colors that made the Palestinian flag: green (shell), white (rind), red (pulp), and black (seeds). So The watermelon became the informal symbol of Palestine. It's important to keep learning and educating yourself and the people. Otherwise, you think we love watermelon. who doesn't though.
تليفون Pack 2/3 (Center)
The news network filter or won't broadcast our stories. Who else is going to spread awareness? We will, all we need is our phone. It has a camera, microphone and Instagram. Digital journalism movement started by Sheikh Jarrah residents: @mohammedelkurd and @muna.kurd15  From then on, Instagram has been a source and spread of information for the Palestinian movement. ​​​​​​​
كوفية Pack 3/3 (Right)
One site that is religiously sacred but suffers from constant vandalism is the Al Aqsa Mosque. The Palestinian people still thrive to clean and care for it, waving their Keffiyehs (national garment) while doing so. Support the Palestinian diaspora and do the same for them. Listen to their stories, buy their works, support their causes, etc.
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